For Nail Fashion

For the next stage of the nail industry.

Nail care is an indispensable part of overall beauty. The nail market has grown dramatically in recent years, and the industry is expected to continue making great strides. Fingernails and toenails tend to be noticed both by oneself and others, and are attracting lot of attention as elements of grooming and fashion. Gel nail is currently a hot topic, and the launch of this groundbreaking new product is quickly taking nail salons by storm. Gel offers a vivid shine, in addition to durability and a gentleness that minimizes damage to the nail. From training nail techs to raising the profile of nail care, conducting market surrey acting as an exclusive distributor of foreign brands in Japan, and setting up new brands, Takigawa has created a part of the history of the nail market in Japan. We will push forward to the next stage to enable the nail business to achieve consistent development in the coming years.

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