About Takigawa

The role of Takigawa

Providing beauty, health, and spiritual happiness for all. That is the foundation of Takigawa’s management principle.

As a general trading company dealing in hair, esthetic and nail products, Takigawa mainly handles products for use by professional beauticians in hairdressing, esthetic a nd nail salons. With a range of approximately 50,000 items, we carry everything you might need to run a beauty-related business, from large equipment to shampoo and cosmetics, as well as supplies such as towels and c otton. Although we basically sell wholesale to dealers who in turn sell the products to the salon clients, our day-to-day business regularly brings us into contact with the salons, where we offer various suggestions and provide information. As a result, we are keenly aware of the on-site needs of our customers, and can the refore play a role in facilitating a mutual exchange of information so that these needs are reflected in product development by manufacturers.

Takigawa's role in the industy

Company name Takigawa Co.,Ltd
Establishment February 25, 1931.
Main office 3-2-1 Motoasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-8511, Japan.
Tel. 81-3-3845-2111 (representative)
Website URL
Capital ¥180 million (authorized capital: ¥387.5 million)
Business description General trading company of hairdressing, beauty, esthetic and nail products.
Developing, producing and wholesaling hairdressing and beauty products, apparatuses, equipments, cosmetics, health-related apparatuses and esthetic and nail-related products.
Design and construction of hairdressin9, beauty and esthetic salons.
Conducting businesses related to hotels, fitness and resort facilities.
Business areas All areas in Japan, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China and South Korea.