Providing beauty, health, and spiritual happiness for all-that is the foundation of Takigawa’s management principle.

" I want to be beautiful and healthy " Such perennial desires of people remain unchanged. Takigawa, which started in 1931 as a wholesaler of hairdressing products, always predicted the changes of the times in advance for more than 90 years of its history and has been expanding its business fields for beautification, esthetic and nail salons.


  • Original brands developed by TAKIGAWA

    Originally developed by Takigawa, taking advantage of ample experience and know-how in the professional beauty industry. We always look for a trustable business partner in overseas who wish to share our mission and passion to bring the ‘Japan Beauty‘ to local professional beauticians.

  • Imported brands TAKIGAWA distributes exclusively in Japan

    All are brought and distributed exclusively in Japan by Takigawa. Closely working with local sub-distributors located from north to south, we dedicatedly offer qualitative yet cutting edge products made in other countries.


    Not merely distributing beauty related products, but also we offer a variety of technical classes or publish monthly industrial papers called ‘ THE BEAUTREC ‘. Our goal is to support professional beauticians with both hard and soft aspect, and help them to make people beautiful.