About Takigawa

The role of Takigawa

Providing beauty, health, and spiritual happiness for all. That is the foundation of Takigawa’s management principle.

As a general trading company dealing in hair, esthetic and nail products, Takigawa mainly handles products for use by professional beauticians in hairdressing, esthetic a nd nail salons. With a range of approximately 50,000 items, we carry everything you might need to run a beauty-related business, from large equipment to shampoo and cosmetics, as well as supplies such as towels and c otton. Although we basically sell wholesale to dealers who in turn sell the products to the salon clients, our day-to-day business regularly brings us into contact with the salons, where we offer various suggestions and provide information. As a result, we are keenly aware of the on-site needs of our customers, and can the refore play a role in facilitating a mutual exchange of information so that these needs are reflected in product development by manufacturers.

Takigawa's role in the industy

Company name Takigawa Co.,Ltd
Establishment February 25, 1931.
Main office 3-2-1 Motoasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-8511, Japan.
Tel. 81-3-3845-2111 (representative)
Website URL https://takigawa.co.jp
Capital ¥180 million (authorized capital: ¥387.5 million)
Business description General trading company of hairdressing, beauty, esthetic and nail products.
Developing, producing and wholesaling hairdressing and beauty products, apparatuses, equipments, cosmetics, health-related apparatuses and esthetic and nail-related products.
Design and construction of hairdressin9, beauty and esthetic salons.
Conducting businesses related to hotels, fitness and resort facilities.
Business areas All areas in Japan, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China and South Korea.
Related Association

As a pioneer enterprise in the professional hair care, esthetic beauty and nail industries, Takigawa has been playing an important role in various industrial associations in a fair manner in order to contribute to sound and steady development of such industries overall.

The Takigawa Network

With the newly installed advanced computer system at Takigawa’ s Distribution Center, we have a network that allows speedy supply of products from order to shipping.

In today’s management where speed is demanded, prompt and timely supply of products is a task that must be prioritized above all else. In response to the demands of this era, Takigawa has set up its own spacious Distribution Center in Ichikawa Shiohama, Chiba Prefecture. In 2022, we will launch a new ‘ West Japan Distribution Center ‘ in Soja City, Okayama Prefecture as a base for western Japan, with the desire to deliver products to customers nationwide as soon as humanly possible. Beyond that, we are currently promoting efficiency, speed, and information-sharing with regard to distribution through the online system for our distributors and manufacturers. Specifically, we have initiated an online order system (Taki-Net) to make it easy for our distributors to order items from the ‘Takigawa Beauty Gallery’ and to check delivery schedules on the internet whenever and wherever they are.

  • Hair Styling

    Pursue the Universal Beauty.

    For many years, we have been working on ‘Total Beauty’ to propose a complex menu in hair salons, so that people can receive professional beauty treatments including esthetic or nail for their whole body from head to toe, in one place at the same time.

    From now on, we will pursue various ways of beauty and the possibilities of beauty, and will advocate ‘Universal Beauty’ with the motto ‘Do not create a barrier to beauty’ so that more people can enjoy beauty. We want everyone to enjoy the splendor of beauty regardless of any difference in age, gender, religion, place of residence, body shape, and so on. Based on the above philosophy of ‘Universal Beauty’, we provide comprehensive proposals along with products and technical expertise (education). As one of our communication activities, we have been making use of the Instagram Live, such as ‘Beauty Viewing’, ‘Esthetic Viewing’, ‘Nail Viewing’, and ‘Academy Viewing’.

  • For Esthetic

    Dedication for the consistent growth of the esthetic industry.

    With the increasing diversification of consumer needs, the desire for beauty takes on various forms. and The esthetics business began in Japan in 1972, when Takigawa began importing cosmetics and esthetic equipment from Italy, which was at that time the most advanced country in the industry , as well as sending employees there to train as estheticians. It has not been so long since the word “esthetic” came to represent the idea of weight loss, beauty care, and healing therapies. Takigawa has been a “pioneer in the esthetic field,” striving to promote public awareness and devoting our efforts to steady development of the esthetics business. Through efforts starting from opening schools to offer training for estheticians developing products including a variety of specialized esthetic equipment and cosmetics suited to Japanese customers, and collaborating with well known cosmetics brands from overseas, we have been carrying product lines to satisfy our customers’ requirements, and are able to provide esthetic salons with safe and reliable products, technology and up-to-the-minute information.

  • For Nail Fashion

    For the next stage of the nail industry.

    Nail care is an indispensable part of fashion on finger tips. Nail is one of the industries that are loved by a wide range of generations, and are expected to brighten people's hearts continuously. The tips of the hands and toes are easily taken a glance of by both self and others, and have become absolutely necessary for grooming and fashion.
    Up to now we have already gone through a long way to let the nail market grow up.
    From training nail technicians to raising the awareness of nail care, introducing a gel nail throughout the market, (which is very well recognized nowadays), assuring the safe of nail industry, and distributing multiple foreign nail care brands in Japan exclusively, Takigawa has created a part of the history of the nail market in Japan. We will push forward to the next stage to enable the nail business to achieve consistent development in the coming years.

  • Education

    Developing high level human resources in a variety of fields.

    Employees who can provide outstanding skills and service are an indispensable resource to run a salon business. At Takigawa, we provide opportunities for employee development, such as skills-improvement courses for staff and training in new menu items, through a highly-qualified teaching team and curriculum that have produced specialists in a variety of fields. We provide various technical seminars called ' Beauty College ', in which popular “Charisma” stylists teach their outstanding techniques for hairdressers, beauticians, and designers. The Takigawa Esthetic Academy produces world-class estheticians whose skills are recognized abroad as well. Further, the Takigawa Nail Academy educates nail technicianswho wish to brush up their nail techniques by taking a lesson from our skillful and talented instructors.Beyond that , we offer a range of technical seminars, and a variety of well-equipped facilities for salon training at our company. Every year we hold the TISA National Managers Conference, a seminar to support managers at affiliates of our company (manufacturers, dealers, salons), featuring discourses by well-known guest speakers.


From founding to the present, we will introduce the history of Takigawa over 80 years by chronological table.


Company founder (and first president) Takashi Takigawa established Takigawa Shouten, a wholesale store for hairdressing products, in Kanzaki-cho, Higashi-ku, Osaka-shi.


Expanded to Tokyo


Relocated to newly built office in Asakusa Misujicho, Taito-ku


Reorganized as Takigawa Shouten Co., Ltd. with capital of ¥3 million


“Takigawa General Catalogue” published


Completed construction of new head office in Asakusa Misujicho, Taito-ku


Company founder Takashi Takigawa passed away. Koichi TAKIGAWA became new president.


“’72 1st Annual Takigawa Trade Fair, Hanei no-ki” event held for dealers


Announcement of launch of esthetics business start of operations


“’74 1st Annual Takigawa Beauty Fair” held for barbers and beauty salons


“Takigawa Shinjuku Beautrec” opened (salon development and esthetics business division)


“Takigawa Izu Beautrec” opend (training and recreation facility)


“Takigawa Nagoya Beautrec” opend (currently Nagoya Branch)


introduced yearly appointment system for managers


Company name changed from “Takigawa Shouten Co., Ltd.” to “Takigawa Co., Ltd.”. Construction completed of current head office building located at 3-2-1 Motoasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo.


“’79 TISA 1st Annual National Managers Conference” (management seminar) held


Launch of newsletter “THE BEAUTREC”


“Takigawa Distribution Center”opened


Osaka Branch start operation


Begin of hairdressing and beauty cultural exchange between Japan and China


Sapporo Branch start operation


Established “Takigawa Esthetic Academy”


“1st Intensive Study Program for Beauticians” held at Izu Beautrec


“Pelloro Nail Art Gallery” opened


“1st Annual Takigawa Golf Jamboree (competition) ’87” held.


Construction completed of new “Takigawa Izu Beautrec”


“Intensive Study Program for Beauticians” reopened as “Takigawa Beauty College”


Introduced CI. Corporate mark and logo have changed


“Celebration for Young Hair stylists of Tomorrow” held


Construction completed of 2nd Takigawa head office building


Construction completed of Takigawa “Esthetic Hall”


Established “Takigawa Nail Academy”


Start issueing “Beauty Gallery”( product catalog)


“Distribution Center” moved to Shiohama, Ichikawa-shi


70th anniversary


Introduced e-partnership (EDI)


Koichi TAKIGAWA became a chairman, Masahide Takigawa became a president of the company.


300th edition of newsletter “THE BEAUTREC” issued


FIOLE division became a separate company as “FIOLE COSMETICS CO., LTD.”


With its 19th volume, total copies of Beauty Gallery published over 4.5 million.


Celebration of 100th anniversary of company founder’s birth


Published “BEAUTY BOX”


The Beauty Galleries issued a total of 5 million copies 


30th anniversary of newsletter “THE BEAUTREC”


Inven ion of “TAKI-NET”( online order system)


Mutsuko TAKIGAWA became a president of the company.


Takigawa Scholarship Program ' The First Summer School ' held


Osaka branch relocated to Minamisemba Chuo-ku, Osaka


Koichi TAKIGAWA received ' Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Pays with Rosette Award ' . 


Nagoya branch relocated to Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya


 ' The 5 years' record of Takigawa Scholarship Program ( no repayment )  for future's barbers and hair dressers'  issued.


Renovated the showroom in one of three office buildings in Tokyo Headquater.


Ex-chairman Koichi TAKIGAWA passed away.
Mutsuko TAKIGAWA was appointed as a chairman / president of the company.


90th anniversary.


Fukuoka Branch office was launched.