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Providing valuable information to support salon management

With the arrival of the information-oriented society, the era we live in is rapidly changing. To maintain a successful salon, one needs not only the right things, but it is also indispensable to have management information on the latest products, techniques, and menu items, as well as information on current market trends. Takigawa provides a variety of information, through our publications that carry valuable information for the support of salon management, such as the monthly ‘THE BEAUTREC’, the product information catalogue ‘Takigawa Beauty Gallery’ that boasts a circulation of 270,000, Instagram, or ‘Beauty Viewing (Online live seminar)’. In addition, dealers from throughout Japan as well as overseas guests are invited to the “Takigawa Trade Fair,” a large exhibition held every year, where participants can see, touch, and try for themselves the latest products and techniques.

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