For Esthetics

Dedication for the consistent growth of the esthetic industry

With the increasing diversification of consumer needs, the desire for beauty takes on various forms, and The esthetics business began in Japan in 1972, when Takigawa began importing cosmetics and esthetic equipment from Italy, which was at that time the most advanced country in the industry , as well as sending employees there to train as estheticians. It has not been so long since the word “esthetic” came to represent the idea of weight loss, beauty care, and healing therapies. Takigawa has been a “pioneer in the esthetic field,” striving to promote public awareness and devoting our efforts to steady development of the esthetics business. Through efforts such as opening schools to offer training for estheticians whose skills are recognized in domestic and abroad, developing products including a variety of specialized esthetic equipment and cosmetics suited to Japanese customers, and collaborating with well known cosmetics brands from overseas, we have been carrying product lines to satisfy our customers’ requirements,and are able to provide esthetic salons with safe and reliable products, technology, human resources, and up-to-the-minute information.

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